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EL (luminescence) keyboard

EL (luminescence) keyboard
Product Detailed

el keyboard is Light and thin
Offers any color and any size
Brightness adjustable as your require
Consumes low power

Light and thin
Offers any colour and any size
Brilliant color, Brightness adjustable as your require 
Consumes low power

Vibration and moisture-resistant
Flexible and can be fabricated to complex shape
Requires an inverter to operate
Lifetime: over 3,000 hours
Applications: automotive, machine instrument backlight or consumer applications

Foldable and Portable keyboard is made of high grade silicone material. With it soft and elecity nature, it can be easily carried to everywhere, especially suitable for traveler and sales people who need to use keyboard outside of office. No more worry about the small and non-completed laptop keyboards.

Product Specials
1.Foldable and easy for storage and carried. You can call it as "Notebook-mate".
2. Soft touching. Quiet and no noise.
3. Water/dust/Dirty proof. You can use water to clean it when it get dirty by ink, coffee, candy....
4. Tall stand keys, not flat type. Make typing as efficient as using traditional keyboards.
5. All kind of color options.

what is el?el operating theory:el is an equipment that converts electronic power to light. the general working voltage and frequency of el lighting source can be turned from ac40v to ac220v and frequency can be turned from 50hz to 4000hz. increasing the voltage can increase the lighting degree of el. increasing frequency has the same function, but the color of the el lighting source might be blue.el illuminating theorytheory is the material layer converts the electrical power into light, illustrating as the following: el life degree:el lighting source is not the same as the traditional one to cut off immediately. but after a long time use, the lighting degree will reduce little by little. voltage, frequency, temperature, and humidity are all the important factors that affect the el life time.common el: 150cd/m2 , halflife: 2000 hrs lifetime : 8000 hrs @ 50 cd/m2 60r.h.high light el: 300cd/m2 , halflife: 2000 hrs lifetime : 8000 hrs @ 100 cd/m2 60r.h. el weight, thickness and bend toughness:el is light and slim. generally, bending above 3cm can be acceptable, and can make any form you like, just like a paper, which is the main characteristic of el. average parameter as follows; but to some special order, the parameter may change.everage weight : 0.1~0.2g/cm2 everage thickness: 0.4mm~0.7mmel edge closed:in the lighting space, this is at least 0.1cm closed round the edge. if the closed edge is toothin, it may cause mini-change. so it will be suggested that closed edge should keep the suitable width.el color:the basic standard illuminating ground of el are blue-green, blue, pink/white. besides the basic color, in the special range, we can make bright-colored effect by using the combination of special painting dyes and color sheet.el dimension:at present, the maximum dimension we can make is within 90cm*90cm(singal square).driven source of el--inverter:the cause of the lighting source is driven by a matched driver. that the voltage and frequency that driven the el depend on thecondition of the square, lighting degree, using environment, life time ect.we can design the el driver according to customers' requirements, for example:1. using dc 3,6,9,12v battery power to design inverter to drive the lighting of el.2. using dc12,24v power of car and motorcycle to design inverter to drive the lighting of el.3. using indoor power of ac110-230v to design inverter to drive the lighting of el.el application examples1. back light application : all kinds of calculation, note- book-type computer, handy play boy, telephone, electronic note book, electronic dictionary, control panel of music equipment, micro-wave stove, control panel of fax machine, printer, watch......2. car industry watch equipment panel of car, alarm lighting, body of car, door decorate, the third bracket light......ect3. construction and indoor aapplication: building layer label of elivator, mark of fleeing , safety mark in night, scene decoration in night for big building, decorative design.4. safety saver: the el alarming clothes that policemen wear in the night, saving mark,ship, litter boat ect.5. military and sspace aapplication: back light of military map, apparatus meter back light, mark of airport for planes landing , recognized mark at night, field wire for leading.6. advertisement goods: apply to goods promotion, propagation, vote file, car processing, housing agency.7. toy and present: all kinds of consumption such as lighting source, shining frame, el photo, luminous christmas card, lover card,chest mark.8. business eequipment, machine in public: station poster for omnibus, public telephone box , automatic soft drink , road line of omnibus.

the advantage of el poster:

1. extra save electric power, short-wave lighting, no radiation, bright and remarkable in the night, which can attract the passengers.2. the capacity of focusing light is strong. the distance may be very far but strong attraction.3. extra-thin, light. it's easy to manufacture and put in use and save engineering cost. upgrading the human resources and efficiency. 4. as it's easy to be equipped, it has strong scattering capacity and ad mobilization.5. with its novelty and attraction, it can get effect of ad or expected.6. el can be made by the clients' needs. and we can produce el product of different dimension and shape you want. 7. besides making continuous light and flash function, it also can be made soft dimming or multisection flash mode, so we can meet different customers' requirements.based on the above characteristic, one who is engaged in making ad poster can take the following applied direction into consideration forthe market of el:1. the goods need strong ad (including high speed , permeation and full-day) to strengthen its image such as the and marketing file and poster of cigarette, wine, soft drink, credit card.2. in the respects of saving energy and safety(it can replace traditional neon lamps).3. in the night market the mark and poster that the seller bring with them.


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